Spiritual Lessons From A Lobster

Many years ago, I saw a wonderful movie entitled, “Into the Deep” – a documentary about marine life and the diverse species that inhabit our oceans

At one point, the camera focused on a lobster rubbing its back against a very sharp rock. It was explained that this was helping it to shed its old shell.

Although this looked very uncomfortable, unless this shedding took place, the lobster would be unable to grow.

Lobsters grow by moulting. Before shedding their old shells, they instinctively develop a new thin shell underneath. After secreting various enzymes that soften the old shell, they begin struggling out of it.

Depending on the size of the lobster, it takes anything from 15-30 minutes for this       process to take place.

In a young lobster, this ritual is repeated about five times a year for the first five years of its life, as it goes through many stages of growth. For adult lobsters, this happens roughly once a year.

For a time after shedding an old shell, the lobster is very vulnerable because the new shell is not yet fully formed.

Consequently, in order to protect itself, it usually retreats into a cave or rock crevice until the new shell is hard enough to enable it to return to its larger oceanic world – stronger and more resilient.

This whole process could be applied to our own spiritual growth. During our soul journey, we sometimes rub up against some hard rocks, which although uncomfortable, often act as catalysts for change, assisting us in shedding the “old skins” that have kept us stuck.

While we wait for our new skin to grow stronger, like the lobster, we may feel a little      vulnerable and need to retreat into our cave of soothing self-care and allow our soul to support us.

During any period of transition, I find it helpful to repeat this prayer morning and evening for a period of 14 days: “Only greater good can come from this change. I give thanks and am ready to accept the wonderful new blessings my soul has prepared for me.”

Like the lobster, at the end of our own periods of growth, we can emerge into a bigger world – feeling stronger than ever equipped with the resources we need to go forward.

Are you ready to shed  the old shell that’s been blocking your growth?

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