About this Website

Everything on this website is designed to help people who are seeking ways to deepen their connection with their Higher Awareness so that they may be guided to handle life’s challenges more effectively, fulfil their Soul’s purpose and express more of the Divine Potential that lies within them.

There are many paths to Awareness. Nobody has a monopoly on Truth

My spiritual journey began in 1979. Since that time I have studied and explored a whole range of philosophies and spiritual practices. There are many paths to spiritual awareness and nobody has the monopoly on Truth, therefore I include a range of spiritual teachings in my work.

It is important for us to find a spiritual path that resonates with our own beliefs.

I believe that we are all drawn to teachings that resonate with us at different stages along the Spiritual Path so we need to choose a path that feels right for us. For this reason I have set out the main principles that I believe in so that you can see if they fit in with your own guidance.

The basic Spiritual Principles that I believe to be true.

  • There is a Universal Power of Love, Wisdom and Intelligence that is everywhere evenly present.
  • There are many names for this Power. Divine Light, Life Force, Infinite Intelligence, God within etc
  • In our True Spiritual Identity we are not separate from this Power, it resides within us
  • Anyone of us can learn to access it and receive guidance and direction for our life
  • Allowing the Power to work through us is one of the most practical things we can do

What I believe about our Soul’s Purpose

  • Our Soul is eternal and we re-incarnate many times to learn and unfold our True Identity
  • In each lifetime we come with a curriculum set by the Soul
  • We bring into each lifetime certain gifts and talents to share with the world.
  • Every Soul has already been given a powerful spiritual toolbox to handle life’s challenges
  • Spiritual astrology, soul purpose hand analysis and sacred numerology can all help our Soul Guidance.

If most of the above resonates with you, then you have come to the right place.

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