Fingerprints: The Hidden Map of Your Soul

Trying to figure out our life’s purpose can sometimes prove very frustrating. It is often    difficult to distinguish the signs and messages coming directly from our soul from all the other thoughts and ideas going on in our head.

We can end up feeling confused and unsure, resulting in a sense of disconnection from our higher wisdom.

After many years on the Spiritual Path, with all its challenges and triumphs, I was finally led to my life’s work as a Soul Guidance Practitioner and Workshop Facilitator.

I can remember joking with a friend that the journey would have been a whole lot easier if the universe had just provided me with a map, clearly marked, “Soul’s Purpose – This Way!”

Little did I know at the time that it already had! In fact, I came to discover that before we are born, each one of us is already in possession of our own individual “Soul Map”

 We come into this world with it and we have been carrying it around with us ever since, but most of us are unaware of it because it is hidden in a place where we might never think of looking: in our own hands!

Around 16 weeks, while still in the womb, a set of fingerprints appeared on your hands and those fingerprints have never changed.

Not only do these fingerprints serve as a unique mark of your physical body, but they also can hold the key to your soul’s purpose – which can be decoded by the process of       Scientific  Hand Analysis.

Open your hands, palm side up and rest them in your lap. Take a little time to study your hands. Everything there is a map of your soul.

Isn’t it amazing that of the billions of people on the planet, nobody has the same            fingerprints as you.

Not only can your hands give you your purpose, they can also show you your greatest Life Lesson and the School of Learning that you have been assigned to during your      journey.

 And it all begins, quite literally, at the tips of your fingers!

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