The following workshops feature a range of spiritual practices, principles and teachings to expand your Spiritual Awareness and assist you in unfolding more of the Divine potential within you. To view the workshops simply click on the images below.   For more details go the Q&A page. 

Adventures in Consciousness (2022).

The Light Worker’s Mission in Today’s World
Becoming a Vessel for Divine Light
A Summer Retreat in Beautiful Somerset

Adventures in Consciousness (2020/21).

A six part programme for the evolution of the soul. How to handle life’s challenges from a spiritual perspective.

Adventures In Conciousness

Awaken Your Divine Inner Warrior and A Secret Recipe for the Evolving Soul

These two workshops give us a powerful process for handling fear and understanding the ingredients necessary for the evolution of the soul.

Awaken Your Inner Warrior

Clearing Your Soul’s Karmic History

If you want to take your spiritual journey to a deeper level, then this Ultimate Healing Weekend would be the perfect event to come to

Hand Analysis Workshop

Would you like to know what your hands have to say about you?

How To Trust The Universe in a World of Unpredictability and Change

In these two transformational workshops you will learn how to trust the process of change knowing that the universe has your back.

How To Trust The Universe

Set Yourself Free from Clutter

De-cluttering is a deep spiritual practice that can bring you closer to your true self, the people you love and your Divine Source.

Transform Your Karma into Your Dharma

How our previous lives affect our present day consciousness resulting in our current lessons, karmic relationships and our soul’s future path.