Transform Your Karma into Your Dharma

How our previous lives affect our present day consciousness resulting in our current lessons, karmic relationships and our soul’s future path.

A One-day workshop in Evolutionary Astrology and Soul Journey Tracking.

Painting: “The Learning Light” by Douglas Taylor (

Evolutionary Astrology is different to most other systems in that it uses astrology to evolve the soul and its purpose rather than just focusing on the personality.

We are not ruled by the planets, they act as teachers that simply stimulate our growth and understanding.

If we can learn the lessons that each planet awakens in us and move beyond the karmic influences that have bound us to past restrictions, then astrology would have achieved its original sacred purpose, which is to help lead us to our Dharma-the highest intention of our Soul

In this workshop we will be focusing on Pluto, the planet of soul transformation, and where it is placed in your birth chart.

This will give you valuable insights into your current life situation and any past challenging karmic conditions and patterns you have brought with you. Your chart will also give you the tools to move beyond them.

A child is born on that day and at that hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with its individual karma.” Sri Yukteswar

On the day we covered the following topics:

  • How Evolutionary Astrology can reach the parts of your soul that many other orthodox systems cannot reach
  • Where the transformational planet Pluto is placed in your birth chart and what that means for you personally.
  • How karma actually occurs and how we can grow from it
  • The nature of Pluto and the types of soul changes it evokes
  • The two opposing desires that create the soul’s evolution
  • The four soul states that determine our spiritual progress
  • The karmic patterns you have brought in from your past incarnations
  • The messages your soul wants you to take into the future
  • Why you will meet up again with souls you have known before
  • The part the Moon plays in your karmic mission (your Dharma)

…It is the memory of the ego that allows the Soul to not only review the life that has just been lived, but also serves as the basis for the next life to be lived, relative to the continuing evolution of the Soul itself. In each life we all pick up where we left off before.” Deva Green

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